7 rules of great customer service that will increase your profits

Limdesk users and their businesses are our greatest value. It's important to us that our customers expand their companies, gain more clients and achive success. With that in mind we prepare 7 rules of great customer service. We're sure that your company already hold to some of them, but there's always room for improvement. We hope that you will find them helpfull and interesting.

1. Make it easier!

There's only one ruler of market – customer. Everything depends on him. So it's provider obligation to do everything to make almost everything easier. Especially contact. Make sure that „contact us” field is always visible and easy to find on your website. Using contact widget is not a bad idea – it gives your customer all needed adresses on their fingertips. Also remember to give your clients as many ways to contact you as possible. Email, live chat, hotline – the more the better.

2. React fast

One of most common complaint about customer service is time clients have to wait to somebody take care of their issue. Approximate waiting time should be not longer that couple hours in email report (preferable just below an hour). In case of hotline remember about adequate number of agents, so customers don't have to hold on too long and listen to the same jingle over and over again.

3. Customer service is everybody's duty

OK, so you have division dedicate to customer service. That's great. But what's happening when client is forced to talk with somebody from other dept? For example tech or marketing? And, what more important, how these employees (not specialized in taking care of customers) will react in direct contact with client? If any of them turn out to be even slightly rude or unproffesional signal that you will sent to market will be simple – our customer service is poor. Nobody will ask us if that's your regular performance. That's why is so important to make sure that everyone know how to deal with customers.

4. Know your offer

It't not important if you're selling only one product that day (or in one campaing) you must always know whole offer. What if customer will ask for something different from our first offer? What if he or she will be interesed in making larger purchase than you expected? Always be ready to sell more! Always know whole range of products ans services that your company provide.

5. Give them more!

Market is incredible „flat” these days. It's extremely hard to compete on price field. So everything that will distinguish our business from thousand's of similar companies is so important. Offer your cusotmers something extra. Maybe free support? Maybe some gadgets? Maybe just a little bit of „human touch” - letter that customer will find in package, personal thanks from our CEO – that may work wonders. Think about something that will make this „wow!” impression in your customers minds.

6. Treat customers the way that you will want to be treated

Cusotmers are your most valuable asset. Make them feel that. You remember lat time when you say „hey, that was a great customer service”? What make you think that way? Try to find that key-feature and implement it in your business. On the other hand – when was last time you're angry with service? What happened? Locate a problem and avoid it at any cost. But be prepeared! That only sounds easy.

7. Your work on customer service never ends

That last rule is maybe most important of them all. Never stop, never be satisfied with your current cusotmer service standard. There's always room for improvement. Market is changing, cusotmers are changing and competition won't stop trying to took your clients away. Listen to your clients, their complaints and try deliver better service. Use your employees experiences and learn from them. There's a whole world to win here. Make the best of it. We belive in you and your business.

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