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  • Contact between you and your customers is one of most important things for your business. Most likely you already established many ways of communication for your clients. But there's always something you can do to make it even easier. We have great tool for this. Check out Limdesk's widget for websites.
  • Our widget wont interfere with your page layout, instead it will unobtrusively „travel” with your customer. In any moment client will have acccess to ways of contact that you choose to share.
  • Think about potential profits of this solution. Give your customers access to live chat – they will appreciate feature that will allowed them to ask questions and reports issues to agents in real time. Fast and comprehensive answers will not only solve their problem but also help them making purhasing decisions. Right there – on your web page – without need to open extra tabs clients will recieve proffesional help. Many studies (i.e. Forrester, GSQi) indicate that live chat is preferable way of contact to many cusotmers (from 25 to even 40% of clients). Don't neglect that rating.
  • But that's not all. For customers who prefer more traditional message – make available to do that. Limdesk widget has a form function. Every question asked that way will appear in Limdesk as Ticket.
  • Another feature – make your hotline number visible in widget. That way customers will have this number always at their figertips. If they will decide to make a call it will appear in Limdesk and it will possible to answer directly through web page.
  • The more ways of communication you will provide – the more likely customers will use them! That will allowed you to be always „in touch” with your clients and their needs. That way you will be able to react fast and give them sense of real customer care.

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