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Meet Frank. Frank has a company

Frank organizes tours which makes people happy. He loves what he does and always tries to be as helpful as he can for his customers.

Frank has lots of clients

They call him, send him e-mails, use chat on his website. Frank always answers questions about tours and solves current problems for people who are currently on holiday

Frank's clients always ask the same questions

Frank wants to save time so he created a web site with all the answers to the most frequently asked questions. He made it available to his clients so they could find answers to their questions there instead of contacting Frank directly.

Some clients prefer to call Frank.

Sometimes the problem is not described on the website, sometimes a personal contact is preferred. Frank wants his clients to feel his personal commitment, so he tries to answer the questions quickly and reliable. That's why he collects all the inquiries in one place.

Frank has always access to all the informations, that help him answer the questions.

Having full details of the tour or notes about special requests which the contacting person is interested in, lets Frank answer more quickly and precisely. Frank also prepares templates for clients to send information regarding luggage size or insurance. Everything with a single click!

Frank's business grows

As clients spread the word about Frank's service, more and more people come to hear about his business. Frank has more and more clients, which is why he takes on new staff to help him. Frank has all the information to hand so he can easily introduce new employees and be sure that the famous quality of service won't suffer.

Frank loves his work

People love Frank's tours and his individual attitude. They feel safe and recommend his services further. Frank can now think about his holidays!

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