Effectively organize work in your company

Dashboard summarizes activities of your company and its team.

With Dashboard you will have full insight into the current situation of the company. Your colleagues can exchange information and solve customer problems


You can quickly find any information about the clients, tickets or employees


Activity table lets you check current events and see information exchanged among your employees.


Statistics at your fingertips allows you quickly evaluate company condition without conducting a deep analysis

Clients, their inquiries, problems, products or services offered

Simple and easily accessible database will allow you to gather information about your customers, products and services. All questions and answers and even recordings from your telephone hotline will be collected within contact's history database

View customization

Each user can with a single click filter his Dashboard view to select only the cases he's involved in.

Hotline in a smartphone

Built-in hotline can change the way your employees use their smartphones, they will now be able to answer incoming calls with our integrated application.

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You don't need dedicated hardware, nor a contract

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