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Meet Anne, a law student

Anne has lots of responsibilities as Law is very demanding. But her studies aren't the only thing she's into. Anne also organizes trips for her colleagues and friends. Her hobby lets her earn a bit of money.

Anne has to answer many questions

Her famous trips don't let her focus on learning and the supervision of dozens of students makes her worry about her upcoming exams. She needs to pass it to go on on a mountain trip.

To save time Anne collected all the information in one place

She shared a link to a special page with her friends so that they can find out about the itinerary.

Sometimes one of Anne's friends wants to join a trip at the last minute

In such a case, the person sends Anne an e-mail or uses an on-line form to ask a question. Ann can answer these questions when she's a got a minute and she can also make a note to remember about this person before the next trip.

But sometimes Anne needs help

So she asks her friend to give her a hand. Her friend has access to all the question and answer templates, which allows her to answer all the inquiries and allows Anne to get on with studying for her big exam.

Anne passed the exam! She can go snowboarding

Anne, together with her friend, managed to deal with all the inquiries and save up enough money for their trip. After passing her exam, she can focus solely on enjoying herself, safe in the knowledge that everything is ready for the next adventure.

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