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Questions and answers

Want to know more? Maybe your question is one of the following:

How can I pass the link to my friends?

You can send your unique link via an email or paste it on social networking websites.


How do you know who exactly recommended Limdesk?

Each user has his unique link that can be used for recommending Limdesk to friends. There is no possibility of two people having the same link.


When do I get money for my recomendation?

Money will be sent to your prepaid account as soon as the process of activating a user account of the person who used your link is finished (he will perform 3 actions, see Terms Of Use)


Where can I check how much money do I have?

Your current balance is available in Limdesk system, as well as the number of registrations that were made via your link. You have to open the 'Settings' bookmark and then click on the 'Partnership Programme'.


How can I spend the money?

You can spend it on some extra functionalities like a premium account or on another consultant account. In the future you will be given the opportunity to spend it on gadgets.


What is the number of people I can recommend Limdesk to?

There are no limitations concerning the number of people. You will be given money to your prepaid account for each of them.

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