Terms of service

§ 1
introductory Provisions

  1. Client - an entrepreneur or a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which uses the Provider’s Service within their business or professional activity.
  2. You - an individual, identifiable by the Client, with a unique username and password that allows it to perform operations on the Customer's account.
  3. Account - an account established by the Client on a voluntary basis, by entering the data, which is a collection of resources, which are collected and processed by the user data on the trade or business of the Client.
  4. Provider - Limtel sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Olsztyn at Towarowa 2, 10-417 Olsztyn, Poland; NIP 739-379-23-60, REGON 280518010. Registered under KRS (National Court Register) number 0000358690 in the District Court in Olsztyn, VIII Commercial Department of The National Court Register with the share capital of 159300 PLN paid in full. Limtel sp. z o.o. is entered in the Register of telecommunications companies under the number 9118.
  5. Service - an activity performed by the Provider to the User, which consists of providing software to facilitate users running a business or profession, through its automation, available on the website.
  6. Administrator - a natural person who manages on behalf of the Client Account, including users’ access rights management.
  7. Software - software made available by the Provider online using limdesk.com
  8. Subscription - a fee charged to the Client for the use of the Software by a certain time according to the current price list.
  9. Cookies - these are short text files which are computer data, used to view the contents of the Service - are stored on your device the ultimate user.

§ 2
Technical conditions of use of the Software

  1. In order to use the Services Provider You should have:
    • ICT data transmitting device
    • Internet access
    • email address
    • Chrome version 42 or above or Firefox version 37 or above
    • browser supporting WebSockets technology
  2. In order to use the mobile app, you should have:
    • Phone smartphone
    • access to the Internet in the form of a packet data or Wifi connection
    • iOS 7.x or above, Android 4.x or above
  3. The quality of a phone call using an application depends on how stable and fast is the transmission of packet data used
  4. Provider collects the information contained in cookies, which are text files containing the device ID, which is used by the User
  5. The customer / user elects to use cookies. Web browsers often by default are set to the ability to install these files on the device end user who may at any time change the settings.
  6. Provider indicates that the exclusion of the Partner / Member of use of cookies may affect the functionality available on the Website.
  7. By accepting the rules you agree to use cookies for storing information required for the proper functioning of the service limdesk.com
  8. There are links to other websites on the Provider’s sites. Before using the User of the services provided for the redirect to other websites should be familiar with their regulations.

§ 3
Registration and Account

  1. Client in order to receive services shall register, giving the login details: e-mail address and password using the registration form.
  2. Served password to log in to the Provider may consist of letters, numbers and / or special characters.
  3. You can have only one account in the Software. All services are assigned to this account and within the balance of that account settled.
  4. The customer is obliged to provide true information when registering an account and indicate the email address to which you do not have access to third parties.
  5. Approval of the registration form by an entity willing to become a client is a declaration of intention to conclude a contract according to the conditions set out in these Terms and agree to its provisions.
  6. The Provider provides the Service to business users only.
  7. Each client has the opportunity to use the service for free for 30 days.
  8. In order to continue using the Service after the 30-day trial period, User has to buy the subscription for the Premium account.
  9. After the 30-day trial period, if User wants to continue, he has to select one of the available forms of settlements, which are available in the price list of services available on the website.
  10. Upgrade from Free Service to Premium Service takes place only at the request of the user.
  11. When the user reaches the limit of data usage within a free account system locks him the ability to add new data
  12. To benefit from the possibility of ringing from the web page to landlines and mobile phones, forwarding telephone Limdesk to landlines and mobiles, send sms messages the user must possess the means extra billing account called "Prepaid account"
  13. User can pay using a credit card or electronic transfer Paypal.
  14. User funds in account are valid for a period of 12 months. During this time, the user must use them otherwise Users account balance will be reduced by the value of the remaining funds.
  15. Detailed rules for the settlement are available on the subpage settlements, which is an integral part of the Rules of Procedure
  16. If the user fails to make payment for the next period when I use the Premium plan, the service will be automatically blocked.
  17. If the user or added by the users of the free service does not log into the system over the next 3 months, his account can be deleted
  18. Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide services free to the user at any time and without giving any reason.

§ 4
Scope of services

  1. At the moment of registration in the manner specified in § 3 of the Rules of the Provider undertakes to provide to the Client the services listed in the packages on the list limdesk.com/pricing including, among others:
    • provide users after logging software version dependent on the selected package for collecting, processing data and generating reports
    • made available disk space about the size according to the bought subscription
    • continuously improve the quality of software by running the removal of the identified errors, modify the software and adding new features

§ 5
Customer Responsibilities
  1. Client assumes full responsibility for the actions of users, which gave access to data enabling the use of the Software on behalf of the Client.
  2. Customer agrees to use the Software in a manner consistent with the law, these Rules and instructions for use of the Software made available in the form of aid.
  3. Administrator and users are required to maintain the confidentiality of unique identifiers (login) and password to use the Software. Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting from the disclosure of the User ID (login) and password.

§ 6

  1. Exclusive economic rights to the Software and the Website belong to the Service Provider. They are protected under the Act of February 4, 1994. Copyright and related rights.

§ 7
settlement rules

  1. The current price list is available in a special section on the site called "price list"
  2. Prices are subject to change at any time, the user will be notified of the change
  3. Any given Web service prices are without VAT tax.
  4. Changing pricing and service parameters will not affect the services already purchased. In the case of changes of parameters and price of the service provider will notify the user in the form of mail, which will have the right to resign from the service
  5. provider charges a fee in the form of periodic subscription fee based on the package selected by the user, which is always in line with the price list
  6. Providers computer system calculates the amount of subscription on a regular basis by sending an email to 14,7,3,2,1 days, respectively, before the end of the expiry of the subscription period to indicate in the message with a low account balance or insufficient means to your account
  7. For each package you can add additional users, for which additional charges indicated in the price list, which increase the subscription
  8. Price per additional user is calculated from the date of addition, adequate for the current billing period
  9. Extra fee indicated in the price list is subject to any call made Click connection to landline and mobile phones, redirect connections to a landline or mobile number, send SMS messages and additional disk space
  10. Provider at the time of making a call blocks sufficient funds in your account billing required for making the call of maximum allowable length, and in the case of not using the full amount of their returns measures immediately after the call
  11. The Provider may charge additional fees resulting from the correction of billing telephone and their actual transaction value
  12. Provider does not collect any data related to bank transfers, credit cards and personal information associated with them. All payments in the system are carried out by external companies such as |Recurly, Braintree and PayPal
  13. In the case of electronic payment Delivery will post the payment on receipt of electronic confirmation from the bank. Implementation of an electronic transfer is dependent on the banking system and can take up to 72 hours
  14. The payment will be credited on the date of receipt of the confirmation of the bank. For each order, Provider shall issue a VAT invoice
  15. To receive an invoice for the customer company must make before recharging details, otherwise the Provider will invoice their names
  16. In the case of payment of pro-forma invoice Provider recharged account upon receipt of the remittance and issue an invoice within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation of the banking
  17. The Provider only sends invoices in electronic form as a PDF image. Provider does not send invoices in the traditional way. Invoices can be downloaded in the section after logging payments and sent by email the moment of their inclusion in the system

§ 8
Privacy Policy

  1. Any personal data present in the Software are necessary for the performance of the Services, payment and customer contact.
  2. You have the right to change and improve their data in a designated place on the website.
  3. The user declares that he has consented to the processing of personal data by the Provider
  4. You agree to allow the use of the contact details for marketing purposes Provider Company or its related entities.
  5. Provider shall in no way use the data collected in the Account for purposes related to your business
  6. Provider agrees not to disclose personal data to third parties or addresses of the User, unless as a result of requests public entities entitled to this, according to the applicable law
  7. Provider represents that your website uses the technique of "cookies". It is necessary to service the logon to the User

§ 9

  1. The Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage to real or perceived, the customer may incur as a result of or unavailability of services
  2. Provider guarantees the availability of services at the level of 99% per month. If the availability of services will be at a lower level, you have the right to claim compensation in an amount proportional to the basic monthly fee for the Service, dependent on the number of hours in which the system does not work
  3. Provider makes every effort to customer's data is protected from loss and implemented appropriate mechanisms for archiving. This does not absolve the customer from the need to store backups for his relevant data
  4. Provider undertakes to inform interventions planned interruption of service resulting in at least 24 System for intervention by the media specified by the user
  5. For the sake of the general customers and users, the Provider reserves the right to unscheduled service interventions in the event of failure or need for repair critical errors in Software.
  6. Use of the Software is entirely at the risk of the customer. In particular, the Provider is not liable for the failure of the Software, inability to connect to the Web Site or the loss of collected data.
  7. The Provider has the right to refuse to provide the Service or to terminate the Service with an immediate effect in case of lack of technical possibilities to provide the Service.

§ 10
Terms of Use

  1. Do not use the system for purposes inconsistent with the Polish law, in particular the acts of fraudulent, malicious and repeated solicitation (the so-called. stalking) or affecting the personal rights of any third party
  2. It is forbidden to acts that could undermine the stability and availability of the Software
  3. It is forbidden to attempt any unauthorized access to data and break the security mechanisms Software
  4. Within the Services may be administered only phone numbers and email addresses:

    • which is the owner or they are owned by the Company uses the account
    • people who have agreed to use the data
    • acquired from legal or public databases available
  5. The client applies to the removal of phone numbers and email addresses of the system, if so desired by their respective owners
  6. It is forbidden to call phone numbers contained in the so-called. "Do Not Call Lists" present, among others, in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
  7. User callout on the numbers outside the country is obliged to comply with regulations in these countries.
  8. SMS and email functionality cannot be used to send any commercial information.
  9. For the content of calls, SMS and email messages corresponding to the customer. The exception are the SMS and email messages automatically generating the software.
  10. It is forbidden to use any materials (especially audio) for which you do not have use rights.
  11. The Provider does not provide and does not allow to initiate any connections with the services statutorily appointed to provide assistance (emergency numbers in accordance with the Polish Telecommunications Law)
  12. Provider does not allow for the creation within the service system directly responsible for human life, health or property. None of the Services can be the alarm numbers, according to the Polish Telecommunications Law, although it is allowed to use them for twenty-four hour customer contact with associated entities, also in case of emergency.
  13. Services provided by the Provider are not publicly available telephone services under the Polish Telecommunications Law.
  14. The software does not allow for ringing up at night (22-6). This does not include call forwarding to consultants

§ 11

  1. The customer has the possibility to report any disruption to the software supplier, sending a message to an email bok@limtel.com, in which content fits in order to facilitate the complaint procedure:
    • User data of the contact
    • type of service for which the distortion
    • type of malfunction
    • time, which is the basis for the complaint
    • allegations of the user
    • circumstances justifying the claim
    • possible the way you want to remove the alleged infringement
  2. Provider, consider filing a complaint within 14 days from the date of filing the complaint, indicating that recognizes the complaints and how it intends to do it or informing the lack of grounds for recognition of the complaint and the reasons for its position.
  3. A response to the complaint is sent to the address provided by the User e-mail.
  4. If the complaint is accepted, the Provider shall take immediate action to comply with its contents.

§ 12
Cancellation of Service

  1. Client may at any time resign from the services provided electronically by the Provider (resigned from the Client's account in Software) without incurring any extra cost and without any indication of the reasons for selecting the tab settings / payment under the title "Turn off automatic clearing." The Provider does not collect the payments from the prepaid account, and you alone decide on the transfer of funds
  2. Provider may cancel your account without giving any reason by informing the user not later than 14 days in advance. Funds held in the Account will be returned to the designated bank account by the user
  3. Provider will seek to clarify any questionable cases, while reserving the right to immediately block or delete your account if the user has broken the terms of service or of such activities managed by authorized state bodies. If you delete your account in such circumstances, the funds accumulated in the account are not refundable
  4. Blocked account is unlocked when will clarify the circumstances that would cause to take such action

§ 13
Disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability

  1. No warranties: to the maximum extent permitted by law: the Software and the Service are provided “as is” and used at your sole risk with no warranties. The Provider makes no warranties that the service and the software will always be accessible, available, uninterrupted, secure, timely and error-free.
  2. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will the Provider be liable to You on any legal theory for any incidental, direct, indirect, actual, punitive, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages, including without limitation, loss of revenue or income or lost profits.

§ 14
Final Provisions

  1. Regulations are available at limdesk.com/terms
  2. Provider reserves the right to change the rules. A change informs on its website at least 14 days before entry into force. Any unresolved disputes amicably will be considered by the court competent for the Provider
  3. Any disputes will be resolved in court of competent jurisdiction the registered office of the Provider

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